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AL Priority to Romania

AL Priority to Romania

Shipping AL Priority to Romania

We also supply outside Hungary AL Priority systems to Romania with manufacturer approval.

For an up-to-date and accurate quote, please send us an email about what system you would like and what accessories.

Available with:

- with one sensor

- with two sensors

- twith hree sensors

- with four sensors

- with five sensors

Optional accessories:

Hi-fi control set (English, German, Hungarian language)
BlueTooth module for Android an iOS
Extension cable (additional 2.5m)

TX Black sensors are currently not recommended for European use except if you are driving in Greece. TX Black sensors are essential for DragonEye lasers there.

 "NET radar" radar antenna is not currently available in Europe.

Delivery is by courier with a tracking number.

Payment can be made in advance or by credit card e.g. PayPal.

We will send you an invoice, if you have a Community VAT number, you can buy without adding VAT.

The warranty is two years. The device is the latest version. The price of the full kits includes the GPS antenna, cables, accessories, control kit, everything you need to use it.


To request a quote, please send us an e-mail to info@detektorbolt.hu